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Posted on March 1, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Are you a victim of always seeing a different perspective no matter the situation? I felt like this once upon a time- then I realized that not only my perspective make sense but so will a lot of other perspectives add light to many complicated situations. On most social media sites there is one thing you are sure to see, and that is the opinion of another. This type of division has created numerous altercations between different parties simply because of different views through different experiences; This one factor proves everyone do not think alike. From statements to replies,whether behind the comment or going live trying to get your point across you will still result in different opinions from others. Now the epidemic questions:How is the opinion of others needed?; How do the opinion of others help perspectives?; How do perspectives help society? Okay so we have these three questions that will be opinionated, and provided a perspective from the way people within the North Carolina censorship has viewed trendy topics daily or seldomly. This year started with a needy but greedy government- people complained as work compensation stopped, and other major facilities that run off government funding was also ceased until further notice. There were opinions about the president mainly, but some even broke down their perspectives outside of what the media had to say; Some made religious efforts to update people of the history, and how this entire revelation crisis came to be. With this particular ongoing crisis many were led to believe that the president will do whatever to build a wall, including allowing workers to work without pay. In my opinion everyone ( over 18 in the US that was able to vote) opinion was needed because it affected everyone in the U.S., and parties that has invested in stocks in this country. A lot of the live videos, post, and other lines of communication that expressed the need to know what our government has done; People were able to educate people that didn't know how affective, and what a Government Shutdown actually mean to society. I think the pressure of what people had to say in the media helped increase the speed of how things were being handled - Of course the government will blindly let you know if what you're doing is effective or not by the announcements or actions made after several complaints, and shown, or heard in the media industry.

Another trendy topic that has gotten a lot of attention, as do every year, is State, and Federal income taxes. For many African Americans comedy has been an outlet to escape pain. Numerous jokes have been made about 2019 Income tax- Although these jokes were just jokes some were offended by posts as well as comments that followed on the posts. Relating back to the pain of slavery some thought tax jokes were very inappropiate coming from the black race. Although I too understand the importance of why some African Americans are very sensitive in this area I still can not dictate what someone else should believe. There has been many before Exposed for Change, and will be many after. Our best character is not complaining about anything someone else do but rather working on ourselves to be more God like.

This next trendy topic on relationships is a daily topic, and several post are made to remind women daily that they don't have to settle or accept abuse. Now this has become an epidemic because the "leave him advice" mostly comes from divorced, or single women. Of course there's some form of bitterness there, but can another individual really tell you about their relationship? Well the answer to that would be" yes. If you have told enough of your business to get an opinion you have told too much. You are not helping the situation, but rather adding conflict to it. If you and your friend, or husband can not communicate the relationship won't last. No relationship can last without communication. Communication is the solution to most of our ongoing crisis in society. Just a simple gesture of someone showing they care changes a lot of opinions- Which brings me to the point of view of knowing when, how, and what to say. The opinions of others are not always thought out from different angles of society. Where one insult, or constructive critisim could hurt one, it could very well help another. So what might be good for you, could very well harm me. Traditionally we've been molded to believe we should honor traditions- well while that might make sense to some, some traditions came about because we used what we had at that time. I believe new traditions should be made just as technology has upgraded. If the goal is to go up why not upgrade the tradition too. So many people are stuck in ways that accomodated the past, not the future. Now today some of those ways are far from making sense. Everyone did not come up the same; Hate has been passed around from one race to the other; Opinions has caused deaths, and saved lives. What this world needs is a balance that sets a trend for everyone to believe in themselves!

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