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Research is Rewarding!!!

Posted on January 10, 2019 at 8:00 AM

2019 is here and everyone has had a chance to acknowledge what they expect or will work for this year. So what are you working for ? This year through Exposed for Change I will work towards more success with clients, and overall business. Moving forward I will finish last years goals no matter how long- keeping in mind sometimes you have to remember where you stopped to pick up and move on. With that being said how many of you go on every week with delays, set-backs because of unexpected circumstances? Nevertheless you keep going no matter how much you get behind? For me- delays seem to come by the dozen, but in the process I learned that improper research, or not enough research can bring you to a point where you are going nowhere fast.

This year try taking the time to research if only  5 minutes a day. It can be  something that doesn't seem as important currently, but if you don't know, and a question comes to your mind look it up; and find answers; ask yourself questions while maintaining a positive visual of what you are reading or listening to. Those are small tips that I didn't realize until I was drowned with unfinished work.

  As the  Director, Operator, and Ceo of Exposed for Change I found it complicated to move forward after 15 months in business. My interest in my outreach work took a toll on me and I couldn't figure out why. After speaking with my mentor I realized that I had not done enough research! So there I was going through a flood crisis,  helping someone through a homelessness, and educational crisis, preparing a parole hearing, and a unfinished Volume 5 Exposed for Change digital magazine. As if that wasn't enough to stay focused on I started a client backlog list. There were so many problems that my business became overwhelmed. But when I realized that this was bigger than my need to catch up, I put aside everything that I had put on a deadline- and took  that time to focus on everything I had not done to make this operation run smoothly. My results was lack of research.

There is a way to do everything, and if you are not in tuned with the fact that everything has a process you will lose before you win. There are no situations or solutions that doesn't involve research. Even as a Christian it is my job to research the history of who I am becoming. When we vote for our politicians we must research to result having leaders that will have a positive impact on our communities. Research can guaranteed knowledge of any situation. When investing your time or money into anything this year do your research- allow yourself the opportunity to explore options.

Stay tuned for more relating topics by Exposed for Change.

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