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Posted on January 24, 2019 at 9:00 PM

It has come to my attention for a couple of years now that everyone in the marketing, or anything that has to be sold all have a tendency of saying whatever they are doing is better, or whatever they are selling is better. Have you been a victim of this technique used to potentially brainwash the potential client into thinking they are their savior? Well I was banbuzzled a couple of times. Although I respect the hustle it is a dirty game when marketers compete. For this very reason marketers have accessed numerous franchices and corporate businesses through-out America. Just recently in September 2018 Nike advertises Colin Kaperknick as a promotional view to the Nike sales, which is already a billion dollar company. Whether people know or not wasn't the company's concern but Mr Kaperknick has been contracted through Nike since before Mr. Kaperknick chose not to stand. But the idea of it all was to intervene in the attention Mr. Kaperknick was receiving through his non-profit camp I'm sure in a sales perspective. Ever since Mr. Kaperknick sat during the star spangled banner in 2015 he has been a voice for the public dealing with injustice. Take a look at the phone companies..some have merged together just to out do a major company. Even with cable just like the phone companies you are paid or discounted to switch companies. Whether you are satisfied or not they will try to convince you that you made the right choice- which unsuprisingly always seems to be the wrong choice. One way of making a secure decision is being satisfied with what you got. There's a few  questions that should be asked and that' s "what is the history of this business?" How consistent is it? Have their been many complaints about the service?" These are need to know questions that will stop anyone's marketing technique. Once the marketer or sales person know you only want facts- that's what they will present, and not their over exaggerated opinion of what they think you should buy with your money. Everyone should research any deal or contract before signing into something you have absolutely no knowledge of, or worse falling for scam because of one's talk game. Stay tuned in as Exposed For Change continue to update you on better life decisions in the marketing industry, and more.

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