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Posted on February 14, 2018 at 12:05 AM

Although there are so many who would disagree, there's one thing we have to remember- if you have not went through the process you don't know! Since I've started Exposed For Change I realize the lack of education so many have about injustice. So the need to open the minds of people who have the mindset that incarceration is nothing, and your mental state should be able to come back to normal is just obsurd in my opinion. Before my experiences I had a love for writing the less fortunate, people that were incarcerated. I was probably 12 when I first wrote a loveone incarcerated. I felt the need to contact because so many people I knew were against it. I could never understand why people were so quick to judge inmates. Yet still today I struggle with opinions of others that are negative about this matter because I know it could happen to anyone. It truly amazes me how people who have not been through this process seem to act as if they are better. For the record we are all human, and no one deserves that kind of treatment.  As a inmate you are stripped literally, and mentally reguardless how you return. Humiliation describes only part of the process, then the slavery treatment of being chained together in lines don't make it any better. It's as if the world behind bars is delayed and has not been updated in over 40 years. Everything you are allowed to do reminds me of the slavery tactics used in slavery time. It is so common how people watch News Media and opinionate what they don't know, only have heard from someone else experience; Even if you are a Correctional Officer you will not know the burden of being a inmate until you are labled a inmate. Inmates on a daily basis are told what to do, when to do it, how to do it. In correctional facilities you are stripped of all your priveleges including freedom of speech; Saying the wrong thing you could be wrote up, and later locked-down. In 2013 I was housed with a roomate who was re-entering society after 9 years, everyday her make-up had to be perfect. As pretty as she was she felt the need to cover what no one could see, her pain from mental abuse. Remembering all those years didn't help. Soon she got a job that had finally accepted her, and her background, and proceeded in good spirit to pursue a healthy lifestyle. She did the abnormal for her, which was shop, and catch up on all the latest fashion. Before I left I watched her become someone she always wanted to be, a strong independent woman. Months after I left I heard she had relapsed from a past herion addiction; In disbelief I contacted her and found out she was on her same mental health medication she had recieved in prison. Her mentality of the information I had was "They talked about Jesus." As I laughed it off and I assured her if she needed anything, someone to talk to, to come check on her, anything I could do legally to help I was all for it. She responded 'thanks', and said 'just take care." She had been saving to move, but I was pretty much situated with my new residence. I fought for change on a different level, where as the roomate fought her battle the best she knew how, which was stay here til I can execute another plan. She had the money to move, but her safe haven was around people who knew the pain she had suffered, because of their need to interact in positive ways she knew it would help her grow. Months later I moved, and found a place of my own through loveones that cared enough to help me, not talk about me. During both housing transitions I searched for more jobs reguardless how fortunate I was to have one. I had this need to catch up with what was going on today. I met new people attended group meetings, spoke with publishers, and teachers of different majors. The one thing that I could not get over is all the people that I were locked up due to lack of finances. I was shown affidavits that supported their statements, and was just in disbelief of how the Justice System  is the biggest marketing scammers in the USA.  I still pursued life surrounded by positive people despite their lack of ability to find Justice. Most of my job interviews were turned down, but I kept going in the direction that focused on my happiness because after all at the end of the day it was God & I that wanted justice for all. Digging deeper I looked up expungement laws after saving some money to erase my background, all to find out violent crimes aren't accepted. So my question to many today is where is the law that says after you serve your time your are no longer a victim of circumstance? Every inmate that is released is a victim of the Justice System's circumstances. You are not 100% free ever! Your record unless it is White Collar will live with you the rest of your life. Everything you apply for- it will get brought up, no matter how long ago. These road blocks are the reason there are people who seem to have a institutionalized mindset, but really they know the struggle of their rights being violated. The struggle of imprisonment brings so many slavery factors to life, so much that yes it's safe to say slavery still exist with the help of our own government. This is not hearsay, but facts that anyone can see who have experienced incarceration. My advice to those who don't know is get involved and help change those lives. Don't give them promises through hopeful wishes! Research and help them fight the battle of their ongiong crisis; It's time to set a different trend; One that leaves the legacy of how we took our life back when they said we couldn't!

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