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Posted on August 11, 2017 at 9:00 AM

May 31, 2017 Exposed For Change covered some important factors on human trafficking, which have not ceased, only increased locations since previous investigations. Exposed For Change will keep you posted in the near future.

Time has become the hidden subject in a lot of people agendas throughout the United States of America. There is not enough time in a day is the complaints I have heard the most; well at least until my passion began. I've learned that for some too much time in one place can harm you if you allow the surroundings to distract you from where your mind can take you. Have you ever been in a dark place of depression, but made enough light to smile through it all? So today Exposed For Change want to cover some of the ways time affect  people everyday in the US. Since this research began early June Exposed For Change have interacted with several people with time issues; Whether not enough and or too much, well I must say all of their worries or complaints were genuine because they all came from a positive perspective in so many ways, and subjects, yet still mentioning time as the root of their lack to communicating verbally.

Today's technology play a large roll but, "Is it not enough for one to simply speak?"; Text has become the american language, yet misunderstood for many because it is all time consuming; The price for the seller, the person doing the text, and the reciever responding.      Say you're in a meeting and you are notified by text; Not only did you not have to get up, you are still tuned in to the meeting, plus you saved what?..Time! While on the other hand someone have been extremely sentenced and can prove their innocence to the justice system if given the chance is doing too much what? time. If you are a busy person it's always time to do something. Time is the one word I don't think anyone can avoid using that is capable of speaking. So while creating timelines throughout Exposed For Change Volume 1 & 2 Digital Magazine we also interviewed some anonymous people whom have suffered years of incarceration from being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Time is valued most when people are enjoying themselves, nevertheless that's when time seems to pass  by faster. Have you ever took a day to not look at time and just do everything you desire possible for one day. The beauty of time can only be seen in a world filled with passion, and desire. As some would say, "Look how much time has passed?" or "Do you know what time the lottery numbers come out?" It's okay to make every minute count but life comes with a balance for everything. Learning how to budget your time is almost like budgeting money. Follow me as I prove this to you through known facts. Time is a signifigant social importance, having economic value as well as personal value. Meaning one can make their time about money by communicating with people who have the same interest, and/or complain about the time lost not making it, and waste more time. Then too everday people clock in to work they are experiencing the economic value of time. Finding ways to make your minutes, and seconds create dollars, and cents should be a goal for every mind that can think. However some suffer from that ability by not realizing the importance of creating a schedule that adds up to economic value. So Exposed For Change offer you ways to learn how to avoid injustice crisis so many have suffered. Learning how to manage time, and the way you communicate on a regular basis could very well be the solution to all your extended daily aggrivation. Finding positive ways to avoid the aggrivation of proverty, and working on financial growth can be start to a new life!

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