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Researching the Researchers

Posted on April 27, 2017 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (1)


As you may have read, the last two blogs that was put out from Exposed For Change blogging page, recently this month there is a hellava lot going on!

Just in case you've had any need to research the latest disasters going on inside prisons you also know this to be true. Everyday post are read, blogs, magazine,, news, news right? Well through my research on other media sites they lack the one thing "giving everyone a chance to speak that wants to." Have you ever been able to contact the news station without any long waits? No. Now all your media sights are now available for that. With Exposed For Change all subjects are exposed for positive life changing. The restored guidance that so much of our youth long for; The attention recieved when providing service for one's need. This type of companionship helps many start a new life they can call their own. We long to break the chain of a slavery cycle, but your help is always needed.

Breakng a chain is like breaking all old traditions that recycles to slavery. If this ongoing pattern continues then we fail because it's our life. The people who spoke up back then left a verbal impact but really who act on it; And or if they do why? Is it because this is what they believe to be right? No one should feel less than anyone else because of their backgrounds. Yet people with backgrounds still pay for crimes after their time is served, they have to live in a slavery cycle for seven years before expungement; Not to mention another year for that to be effective. This major set back disables convicted felones to live a normal life. Some people never get a chance to prove that they deserve a second chance just because the lack of employees dealing with the state. No pay is worth your life, and the fact that the state lack employees because of the risk involved don't match the pay, it leads to beds being filled, but hardly no overseers.  So what will it take for this cycle to be broke? People we must sacrifice a minute or more of our time to breaking this cycle. All acts of kindness, and concerns are appreciated, but sometimes that is just not enough. So I encourage you to please get involved; You never know when you or your loveone will need this help.

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Posted on April 11, 2017 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)
In my most recent research, inmates housed at N.C.C.I.W have tooken control of limited priveleges due to the very well known drug by the name "Suboxone." This narcotic is used to detox heavy drug users;however can be fatal if misused; it also is the new activity going on inside N.C.C.I.W.(North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women) to get by on canteen, and other negotiations that may benefit the seller.
In a very depressing world Suboxone has become the cure to one's troubles, and burdens. The synthetic herion feeling substitutes the happy feeling of freedom. This drug may start off as just a party between two inmates, and then the addiction begins. Besides what better way to kill time and pain right? "WRONG!" Creating problems will not fix problems, those problems will only get worse.
The youth gangs have taken over the grounds of this prison by continuing to fight the struggle they've been fighting long before now; Which is to them survival. So needless to say whatever their needs are they will meet by any means.
Their have been numerous robberies between inmates, some gang related. Not to mention the fights have gotten to the point where correction officers allow it. They have come to realize they are out numbered, and don't want to take the risk of being injured or killed.
Stay tuned in to as we continue to update you on the latest inside news!

Correction Officers Need Correcting Too!

Posted on April 10, 2017 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

In today's society injustice could vary a variety of ways, but on the inside there are alot of secretive injustices going on. Now some may think this is a fib but the evidence is so hard to be revealed because the secrets is kept by inmates who in fact blackmails officers for worldly resources. Most long-term inmates are not left with much of any choice. They proceed with their everyday schedule as if they have never been incarcerated while still being held by the department of corrections. Exactly what choice do you have when you are sentenced to life without parole? It makes more sense for a person to live their life to their comfort than someone else comfort. This is why so many females and males engage in activities that are in violation with all institutional correctional facilities. Engaging in activities such as sex acts, loan-sharking, gang banging, improper use of medications, distributing narcotics, and the list goes on. These acts are never completely eliminated because there is always a correctional officer that is willing to break the law. Most times these officers are paid more than payroll paycheck for one service. Because correctional officers have been underpaid they find ways and are open for most opportunities that become available to them through inmates. After some time these inmates are looked at as clients; Officers are then looked at as bad cops.

For a world so similar to the free world it could never be the same; so stay tuned in as I educate you on the revolving slavery cycle that hides, but never goes away!

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