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Posted on March 1, 2019 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (10)

Are you a victim of always seeing a different perspective no matter the situation? I felt like this once upon a time- then I realized that not only my perspective make sense but so will a lot of other perspectives add light to many complicated situations. On most social media sites there is one thing you are sure to see, and that is the opinion of another. This type of division has created numerous altercations between different parties simply because of different views through different experiences; This one factor proves everyone do not think alike. From statements to replies,whether behind the comment or going live trying to get your point across you will still result in different opinions from others. Now the epidemic questions:How is the opinion of others needed?; How do the opinion of others help perspectives?; How do perspectives help society? Okay so we have these three questions that will be opinionated, and provided a perspective from the way people within the North Carolina censorship has viewed trendy topics daily or seldomly. This year started with a needy but greedy government- people complained as work compensation stopped, and other major facilities that run off government funding was also ceased until further notice. There were opinions about the president mainly, but some even broke down their perspectives outside of what the media had to say; Some made religious efforts to update people of the history, and how this entire revelation crisis came to be. With this particular ongoing crisis many were led to believe that the president will do whatever to build a wall, including allowing workers to work without pay. In my opinion everyone ( over 18 in the US that was able to vote) opinion was needed because it affected everyone in the U.S., and parties that has invested in stocks in this country. A lot of the live videos, post, and other lines of communication that expressed the need to know what our government has done; People were able to educate people that didn't know how affective, and what a Government Shutdown actually mean to society. I think the pressure of what people had to say in the media helped increase the speed of how things were being handled - Of course the government will blindly let you know if what you're doing is effective or not by the announcements or actions made after several complaints, and shown, or heard in the media industry.

Another trendy topic that has gotten a lot of attention, as do every year, is State, and Federal income taxes. For many African Americans comedy has been an outlet to escape pain. Numerous jokes have been made about 2019 Income tax- Although these jokes were just jokes some were offended by posts as well as comments that followed on the posts. Relating back to the pain of slavery some thought tax jokes were very inappropiate coming from the black race. Although I too understand the importance of why some African Americans are very sensitive in this area I still can not dictate what someone else should believe. There has been many before Exposed for Change, and will be many after. Our best character is not complaining about anything someone else do but rather working on ourselves to be more God like.

This next trendy topic on relationships is a daily topic, and several post are made to remind women daily that they don't have to settle or accept abuse. Now this has become an epidemic because the "leave him advice" mostly comes from divorced, or single women. Of course there's some form of bitterness there, but can another individual really tell you about their relationship? Well the answer to that would be" yes. If you have told enough of your business to get an opinion you have told too much. You are not helping the situation, but rather adding conflict to it. If you and your friend, or husband can not communicate the relationship won't last. No relationship can last without communication. Communication is the solution to most of our ongoing crisis in society. Just a simple gesture of someone showing they care changes a lot of opinions- Which brings me to the point of view of knowing when, how, and what to say. The opinions of others are not always thought out from different angles of society. Where one insult, or constructive critisim could hurt one, it could very well help another. So what might be good for you, could very well harm me. Traditionally we've been molded to believe we should honor traditions- well while that might make sense to some, some traditions came about because we used what we had at that time. I believe new traditions should be made just as technology has upgraded. If the goal is to go up why not upgrade the tradition too. So many people are stuck in ways that accomodated the past, not the future. Now today some of those ways are far from making sense. Everyone did not come up the same; Hate has been passed around from one race to the other; Opinions has caused deaths, and saved lives. What this world needs is a balance that sets a trend for everyone to believe in themselves!


Posted on January 24, 2019 at 9:00 PM

It has come to my attention for a couple of years now that everyone in the marketing, or anything that has to be sold all have a tendency of saying whatever they are doing is better, or whatever they are selling is better. Have you been a victim of this technique used to potentially brainwash the potential client into thinking they are their savior? Well I was banbuzzled a couple of times. Although I respect the hustle it is a dirty game when marketers compete. For this very reason marketers have accessed numerous franchices and corporate businesses through-out America. Just recently in September 2018 Nike advertises Colin Kaperknick as a promotional view to the Nike sales, which is already a billion dollar company. Whether people know or not wasn't the company's concern but Mr Kaperknick has been contracted through Nike since before Mr. Kaperknick chose not to stand. But the idea of it all was to intervene in the attention Mr. Kaperknick was receiving through his non-profit camp I'm sure in a sales perspective. Ever since Mr. Kaperknick sat during the star spangled banner in 2015 he has been a voice for the public dealing with injustice. Take a look at the phone companies..some have merged together just to out do a major company. Even with cable just like the phone companies you are paid or discounted to switch companies. Whether you are satisfied or not they will try to convince you that you made the right choice- which unsuprisingly always seems to be the wrong choice. One way of making a secure decision is being satisfied with what you got. There's a few  questions that should be asked and that' s "what is the history of this business?" How consistent is it? Have their been many complaints about the service?" These are need to know questions that will stop anyone's marketing technique. Once the marketer or sales person know you only want facts- that's what they will present, and not their over exaggerated opinion of what they think you should buy with your money. Everyone should research any deal or contract before signing into something you have absolutely no knowledge of, or worse falling for scam because of one's talk game. Stay tuned in as Exposed For Change continue to update you on better life decisions in the marketing industry, and more.

Research is Rewarding!!!

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2019 is here and everyone has had a chance to acknowledge what they expect or will work for this year. So what are you working for ? This year through Exposed for Change I will work towards more success with clients, and overall business. Moving forward I will finish last years goals no matter how long- keeping in mind sometimes you have to remember where you stopped to pick up and move on. With that being said how many of you go on every week with delays, set-backs because of unexpected circumstances? Nevertheless you keep going no matter how much you get behind? For me- delays seem to come by the dozen, but in the process I learned that improper research, or not enough research can bring you to a point where you are going nowhere fast.

This year try taking the time to research if only  5 minutes a day. It can be  something that doesn't seem as important currently, but if you don't know, and a question comes to your mind look it up; and find answers; ask yourself questions while maintaining a positive visual of what you are reading or listening to. Those are small tips that I didn't realize until I was drowned with unfinished work.

  As the  Director, Operator, and Ceo of Exposed for Change I found it complicated to move forward after 15 months in business. My interest in my outreach work took a toll on me and I couldn't figure out why. After speaking with my mentor I realized that I had not done enough research! So there I was going through a flood crisis,  helping someone through a homelessness, and educational crisis, preparing a parole hearing, and a unfinished Volume 5 Exposed for Change digital magazine. As if that wasn't enough to stay focused on I started a client backlog list. There were so many problems that my business became overwhelmed. But when I realized that this was bigger than my need to catch up, I put aside everything that I had put on a deadline- and took  that time to focus on everything I had not done to make this operation run smoothly. My results was lack of research.

There is a way to do everything, and if you are not in tuned with the fact that everything has a process you will lose before you win. There are no situations or solutions that doesn't involve research. Even as a Christian it is my job to research the history of who I am becoming. When we vote for our politicians we must research to result having leaders that will have a positive impact on our communities. Research can guaranteed knowledge of any situation. When investing your time or money into anything this year do your research- allow yourself the opportunity to explore options.

Stay tuned for more relating topics by Exposed for Change.

Parenting Awareness

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In the early 80's I started to acknowledge people that wasn't my family as family. This acknowledgement came from being around these people so much to where we were spiritually bonded. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better family than the family I didn't acknowledge at the time, but what I was missing was being around people who laughed, and loved verses fighting one another. Oh sure I got that same environment eventually, but overall we made life full of fun everyday. Being able to express myself without being judged as weak was a mental goal I lived daily until I met a older woman who chose to teach me how to be mentally strong despite of. I never understood until I aged why I didn't listen to my mother as I did my godmother. The parent lecture was no good for me, I hated it! It felt like I had a slave master that would not let me be free until I was of age. Until eventually my mother passed, and everything she said came to pass. Now I understand that her disciplinary actions was to prepare me for the world I face today. Today I have a daughter that strives everyday to learn the world she see I am already accustomed to by my everyday actions. As I watch her, and other children grow my heart often hurt because I know the possibilities that might come in their life. My life has took turns that I didn't expect, but my mother was able to predict. I didn't hear her until whatever she predicted happen, by that time it was too late.

It is now 2018 and some people has taken on a whole new meaning of parenting. Now days 12 years old is the beginning sex age, 15 is considered grown, and most parents that can't take care of one is having 2 plus. In 2014 I gave birth to my beautiful the end of 2015 she was enrolled in a childcare for educational, and work purposes. My child's father, and I spent roughly $10,000 our first year. We shopped on a budget, and managed but it was not in our plan to ever see our child lack because of today's issues in society. That made us give up things like our entertainment, hanging out with party friends, and focusing our attention solely on our priority, "our daughter." Our parenting got harder because of relationship issues. It affected our ability to show love to one another as my daughter had always seen, which eventually affected her by knowing the difference. I begin to notice how she worked harder at trying to do things herself instead of looking up to us for what she had already learned. I remembered then why I strayed away when I was younger...It wasn't that I didn't recieve the love needed at home, but I couldn't comprehend it because of the way it was shown. I didn't understand the bible at all, but was the fastest reader (lol). I grew up believing in God because I was told to, but I had no understanding of why I should because I didn't listen. I only heard what was attractive to my ears. So you see it wasn't what I was taught, but what I didn't listen to that strayed me away from my spiritual self.

I am now a single mom that interacts with my child's father because it is appropriate for my child to know how she came to be here. I do not wish anyone to be a single mom, but there are some cases worst than what is stated in this blog that makes more sense for some to be a single parent. However no child should have to suffer behind a parent's action. The trending problem today is women making choices based on what their being told instead of showed. After the male has hit and run they are stuck to deal with consequences, or vice versa. Then more than likely the single parent that is now struggling goes to the government for assistance all to be put in more debt, and divided with confirmation papers. Wake up people! The signs of poverty is in don't have to suffer when you evaluate the choices you make before you make them. Having a child does not make it easier to live. Having a child gives you greater responsibility because you now have to take care of 2 lives instead of 1. Why should a child have to become a victim of this unjust system because of the choices you made for that child. After my experience with government assistance I realized the only assistance that was is needed is "CHILDCARE." To be able to educate your child should be a priority decision made for their future. Since my daughter started at a very early age she is now advanced and prepared to go further, and get this "SHE LOVE SCHOOL!" I remembered hating school but passing, and listed as a A-B honor roll student. I was kicked out of public schools due to physical fights. I then went back years later and was tutored by my sister before passing my high school graduate test. It took me rerouting back to a positive environment to understand the importance of being educated. The credentials I have now I could have had way before if I would've listened. Although I don't regret the path that taught me a lot along the way- I know now that living life isn't just about have fun, but having something to look forward to that will benefit you and your future.

Today I teach my child in a way she too understand the importance of education on all levels, rather in school or in the street. When you don't know what path lies ahead for your child all you can do is your best at making sure you did what you could so they will have it together. There are no perfect people, but our children are molded by our actions. We can in fact show them how perfectly made they are with love, support, interacting with positive solutions, and goal planning. Please be aware and pay attention to your child's surroundings at all time, it makes a difference! Break the chain of welfare assistance for your child! Keep them educated!



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At a very young age I was in abusive relationship. Not understanding the person's anger I continued to stick by his side. That was the most craziest part of myself I couldn't understand. I was not familiar with domestic violence at all. I was raised with so much love I could only understand that love would overpower anything. I continued to be a victim as I grew into a woman because I had adjusted my mental to accept it. Eventually it overpowered my love, and made me vicious, and hateful constantly taking anger out on anyone that upset me the least bit. No matter how long I stayed single I seemed to forget the red flags everytime I engaged in a relationship. So one relationship after another I allowed terror in my life, thinking it would get better everytime, and everytime was much worse. My soul became dark, and the world seemed so against me. Finally I was beat to a point that I said "NO MORE!" I ranned for help and ended up at a domestic center. With all the resources there I was able to get back on my feet in two weeks. After remembering I was never a person that didn't strive for more but( that reality wasn't acknowledged until I pulled myself away to focus on me), I was so distracted by the pain of being abused, I lost interest in beautifying myself. I then became very insecure and began to stop caring for myself, that was before I got help! So as I stepped into my new life I started to gain back everything I lost. I knew then I would never look back. It was clear to me that I had been given another chance after survivng stab wounds, gun wounds, and nearly killed after being hit by a car running from abuse.

If you are a victim of domestic violence I encourage you to find a support system to help you. As embarrasing as that was for me I am glad I took the opportunity to get myself back together. In these last 20 years I have seen alot of deaths from domestic violence relationships. No one deserves this kind of treatment, it is cruel, and unkind. I thank God, my higher power, that I am able to share this today after looking death in the eye over , and over. Because of the action I took against domestic violence I now stand firm, and believe that you too have a choice. Make the right choice before it's too late. If I had not took action I would not be alive to tell this story. The battle that was brought to me I won only because I walked away. Don't be a victim, walk away, and get help! Resources are also available for this crisis, please contact immediately at anytime if you feel you are a victim of circumstances! WEB: TELE: (984)212-5591


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"RENTAL SCAMMER CAUGHT BEFORE MONEY IS RELEASED! On Saturday May 5th 2018 9:30 p.m. I contacted someone with a rental add as a resource for their situation. Hoping the property would suit their needs, and budget I texted them the info. and agreed to follow-up the next day May 6, 2018. So before the next day I entered a request to inquire with the landlord about property. My request was submitted, but to make sure I sent a text to the landlord listed "Mark Hudson" who contacted right away. I thought weird (On a Saturday after 9pm) but not weird because it's probably a financial delay somewhere for this 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Single family home to be priced at $950. a month. The landlord sent me a message that read "Yes the house is still available, and a link has been sent to your email for more info. After opening my email sent from [email protected] I read a letter telling me about the family that is renting the house, and why. The letter opening read Hi my name is Mark... then he went on about being a man of God and how his wife works for Joyce Mayer Ministries. I thought to myself ok well you spelled Meyers wrong, but typing is easier to mispell. As I continued reading the email he mentioned a son that had cancer, and that they moved to Delaware to take on another job. The story was so heart touching I responded with a brief description of who I was and my interest. He sent a application through email as well, and we scheduled a viewing the next day. I noticed the address that was listed was different from application address. The ad read 5542 Golden Moss Trail Raleigh NC 27613, but after I asked him about it he said that was his wife house,now they are selling his. Although he told me the application had to be turned in before viewing I felt the need to hold on to information I could've sent right away by email. The next day I was scheduled to view the property after 3pm, but a few red flags kept my attention so I decided to go earlier. When I approached the property someone was backing out. I suspected another viewer, and was happy to see this property really is for rent, but the sign read "AMERICANRENTAL.COM" Ok this is a problem, so I never pulled in. I left with intentions to come back at scheduled time with interested party, which was 3pm. So when me and interested party are on our way I get a phone call replying to 2 missed calls from my line. Mr. Hudson wanting to know how far I was and to let him know the time I got in the yard. He tried to stay on phone after I told him I was 10 min away from the address, which is 3505 ENDURING FREEDOM DR. Raleigh N.C. priced at $1,500.00 a mth. through American After he got off phone I realized I was gonna need to find out how he wanted his deposit. He responded to make it easier for you you can buy a itunes gift card (LMBO!!!!). There wasn't a doubt in my mind that this was a possible scam, but now days you just never know how somebody might ask to be paid so I had to proceed with the plan to find out for sure and as much as I could about this person to save many more the trouble of being scammed. After viewing the outside of the house there it was a sign on the door saying "beware of fraud and scammers." Boom!, I thought to myself, the sign I was looking for on the front door. Immediatley I got the other party to call American Rental who assured us Mr. Hudson do not own the property, that they do not have any homeowners in their program, and that they as a business own all property advertised under their name and telephone number. Mr. Hudson made a request for me to text my ID front and back, not realizing how fraudulent he sound. To view the inside of the house was simple. All I had to do was call the number advertised by American Rental, and follow instructions. Although this turned out to be a very nice home for rent it was out of the interested party budget, and is now under scam investigation. The house is still available through, but please remember scammers are always out there so be careful who you talk to. Always take precaution when paying for anything, make sure what you are hearing you understand because if you listen carefully the red flags are there! Please feel free to check my research as I look forward to providing you with any exposure that could save or free a life! Http:// Visit the web store and find out other scams and more life saving tips by reading Exposed For Change volumes 1-4 digital magazines! Volume 5 coming soon!


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Although there are so many who would disagree, there's one thing we have to remember- if you have not went through the process you don't know! Since I've started Exposed For Change I realize the lack of education so many have about injustice. So the need to open the minds of people who have the mindset that incarceration is nothing, and your mental state should be able to come back to normal is just obsurd in my opinion. Before my experiences I had a love for writing the less fortunate, people that were incarcerated. I was probably 12 when I first wrote a loveone incarcerated. I felt the need to contact because so many people I knew were against it. I could never understand why people were so quick to judge inmates. Yet still today I struggle with opinions of others that are negative about this matter because I know it could happen to anyone. It truly amazes me how people who have not been through this process seem to act as if they are better. For the record we are all human, and no one deserves that kind of treatment.  As a inmate you are stripped literally, and mentally reguardless how you return. Humiliation describes only part of the process, then the slavery treatment of being chained together in lines don't make it any better. It's as if the world behind bars is delayed and has not been updated in over 40 years. Everything you are allowed to do reminds me of the slavery tactics used in slavery time. It is so common how people watch News Media and opinionate what they don't know, only have heard from someone else experience; Even if you are a Correctional Officer you will not know the burden of being a inmate until you are labled a inmate. Inmates on a daily basis are told what to do, when to do it, how to do it. In correctional facilities you are stripped of all your priveleges including freedom of speech; Saying the wrong thing you could be wrote up, and later locked-down. In 2013 I was housed with a roomate who was re-entering society after 9 years, everyday her make-up had to be perfect. As pretty as she was she felt the need to cover what no one could see, her pain from mental abuse. Remembering all those years didn't help. Soon she got a job that had finally accepted her, and her background, and proceeded in good spirit to pursue a healthy lifestyle. She did the abnormal for her, which was shop, and catch up on all the latest fashion. Before I left I watched her become someone she always wanted to be, a strong independent woman. Months after I left I heard she had relapsed from a past herion addiction; In disbelief I contacted her and found out she was on her same mental health medication she had recieved in prison. Her mentality of the information I had was "They talked about Jesus." As I laughed it off and I assured her if she needed anything, someone to talk to, to come check on her, anything I could do legally to help I was all for it. She responded 'thanks', and said 'just take care." She had been saving to move, but I was pretty much situated with my new residence. I fought for change on a different level, where as the roomate fought her battle the best she knew how, which was stay here til I can execute another plan. She had the money to move, but her safe haven was around people who knew the pain she had suffered, because of their need to interact in positive ways she knew it would help her grow. Months later I moved, and found a place of my own through loveones that cared enough to help me, not talk about me. During both housing transitions I searched for more jobs reguardless how fortunate I was to have one. I had this need to catch up with what was going on today. I met new people attended group meetings, spoke with publishers, and teachers of different majors. The one thing that I could not get over is all the people that I were locked up due to lack of finances. I was shown affidavits that supported their statements, and was just in disbelief of how the Justice System  is the biggest marketing scammers in the USA.  I still pursued life surrounded by positive people despite their lack of ability to find Justice. Most of my job interviews were turned down, but I kept going in the direction that focused on my happiness because after all at the end of the day it was God & I that wanted justice for all. Digging deeper I looked up expungement laws after saving some money to erase my background, all to find out violent crimes aren't accepted. So my question to many today is where is the law that says after you serve your time your are no longer a victim of circumstance? Every inmate that is released is a victim of the Justice System's circumstances. You are not 100% free ever! Your record unless it is White Collar will live with you the rest of your life. Everything you apply for- it will get brought up, no matter how long ago. These road blocks are the reason there are people who seem to have a institutionalized mindset, but really they know the struggle of their rights being violated. The struggle of imprisonment brings so many slavery factors to life, so much that yes it's safe to say slavery still exist with the help of our own government. This is not hearsay, but facts that anyone can see who have experienced incarceration. My advice to those who don't know is get involved and help change those lives. Don't give them promises through hopeful wishes! Research and help them fight the battle of their ongiong crisis; It's time to set a different trend; One that leaves the legacy of how we took our life back when they said we couldn't!


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Approaching the holidays can be exciting, or depressing, but as we pursue this time of year imagine the best! How can you make your life and others better should be the goal when giving. Gifts are not suppose to be harmful! So taking the time to consider what's best for one needs is important when picking out a gift. Say your loveone did not know what to get you and you are not aware..Now is a good time to provide hints to ensure they have time to provide gift without inconveneice to their self. No one should feel obligated to use a gift that could possibly cause harm  so you want to make sure your loveone know your healthy priorities.

Halloween is on the way and for many it can be scary! Their will be times where children will need to be assured the costumes presented are only for fun. Depending on age one should consider costume views, and/or where to take your child for trick or treating. Expose For Change have Halloween safety tips for print out on the home website page. Please feel free to print, and share!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is celebrated in the month of November giving families a chance to reunite at a feastful dinner provide by family. Here at Exposed For Change we love providing ways for the less fortunate to also have. So we have decided to give away a Thanksgiving Feast at the value of a $100.00 in a drawing contest, or $100.00 cash it is all up to the winner! Each contestant is to enter by request through email with drawing attachment. Only 1 drawing per person, and each drawing must be related to justice or injustice. All contestants under the age of 18 will need parental consent.

We look forward to celebrating with you so all ideas are welcomed! Just email us @ [email protected]!


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May 31, 2017 Exposed For Change covered some important factors on human trafficking, which have not ceased, only increased locations since previous investigations. Exposed For Change will keep you posted in the near future.

Time has become the hidden subject in a lot of people agendas throughout the United States of America. There is not enough time in a day is the complaints I have heard the most; well at least until my passion began. I've learned that for some too much time in one place can harm you if you allow the surroundings to distract you from where your mind can take you. Have you ever been in a dark place of depression, but made enough light to smile through it all? So today Exposed For Change want to cover some of the ways time affect  people everyday in the US. Since this research began early June Exposed For Change have interacted with several people with time issues; Whether not enough and or too much, well I must say all of their worries or complaints were genuine because they all came from a positive perspective in so many ways, and subjects, yet still mentioning time as the root of their lack to communicating verbally.

Today's technology play a large roll but, "Is it not enough for one to simply speak?"; Text has become the american language, yet misunderstood for many because it is all time consuming; The price for the seller, the person doing the text, and the reciever responding.      Say you're in a meeting and you are notified by text; Not only did you not have to get up, you are still tuned in to the meeting, plus you saved what?..Time! While on the other hand someone have been extremely sentenced and can prove their innocence to the justice system if given the chance is doing too much what? time. If you are a busy person it's always time to do something. Time is the one word I don't think anyone can avoid using that is capable of speaking. So while creating timelines throughout Exposed For Change Volume 1 & 2 Digital Magazine we also interviewed some anonymous people whom have suffered years of incarceration from being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Time is valued most when people are enjoying themselves, nevertheless that's when time seems to pass  by faster. Have you ever took a day to not look at time and just do everything you desire possible for one day. The beauty of time can only be seen in a world filled with passion, and desire. As some would say, "Look how much time has passed?" or "Do you know what time the lottery numbers come out?" It's okay to make every minute count but life comes with a balance for everything. Learning how to budget your time is almost like budgeting money. Follow me as I prove this to you through known facts. Time is a signifigant social importance, having economic value as well as personal value. Meaning one can make their time about money by communicating with people who have the same interest, and/or complain about the time lost not making it, and waste more time. Then too everday people clock in to work they are experiencing the economic value of time. Finding ways to make your minutes, and seconds create dollars, and cents should be a goal for every mind that can think. However some suffer from that ability by not realizing the importance of creating a schedule that adds up to economic value. So Exposed For Change offer you ways to learn how to avoid injustice crisis so many have suffered. Learning how to manage time, and the way you communicate on a regular basis could very well be the solution to all your extended daily aggrivation. Finding positive ways to avoid the aggrivation of proverty, and working on financial growth can be start to a new life!

Visit: for updates as you continue to blog with Exposed For Change!


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Human Trafficking has become one of America's biggest injustices. This activity was rooted from the selling of slaves in the early 1700's, and still exist today in various ways. All over the world many men, and women are selling children from state to state causing the economy more harm than good. Even adults that are pimped out eventually are begging for a new life. This traditional slavery activity have only gotten worse. Before most caucasians americans was known for selling african americans. Now most pimps are any nationality men or women that love controlling individuals. Stay tuned in as Exposed For Change keep you update on human slavery in every form.