Exposed for Change

Non-Profit Organization Exposing Injustice
      It's Time To Break The Chain!




An Idea is Born

Through owner and operator, Sherie Brooks- society has found a way to tell their story. As you may know injustice is everywhere, and I found out through tragic experiences of my own. It became my passion to listen to people reveal their story, however they all lacked resources to start a new life.
As I ventured through my experiences I began to research the chain that had revolved for years. In 2011 I decided it was time to break the chain- I began my research, and got more volunteers involved with the hype. In January 2017 I started my organization "Exposed for Change."
This  non-profit organization registered with the State of North Carolina became official September 2017. Our company provides crisis assistance, and crisis prevention programs. Although most of our staff is volunteered we take in as many clients as possible. This program is designed to help people pursue a stable life through unity, compassion, and a variety of resources as needed. We are not legal services, however we encourage knowing the law. As a client's advocate we research cases, and assist with fundraisers to help pay fees needed for clients. Our team of caregivers has either experienced or know someone who has experienced a variety of issues. We are well connected, but everything has a process. We will not be responsible for anyone who do not sign proper documents before receiving our services. Giving back is the beginning of equality in our community. We look forward, and is dedicated to serving the greater good.